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“My mission is to offer travelers unique
experiences at Puerto Montt and surroundings, taking the slower path where you can breathe deeply absorbing the magic of our culture, our landscapes, our wildlife and our people “

“I was born 43 years ago, on a beautiful little town in middle Patagonia , I come from a small family,  who gave everything for me to become a happy person and I really am . My passions are music, hiking in the woods , birwatching in the mountains and taste new things every day  and now I can share all my passions through my job which make me a very rewarded human being. I try to live my life simple, accumulating moments more than things , eventhough I enjoy some little things , like my camera , my binoculars and my “Betty” , my all-terrain vehicule .

Nowadays I am working as an Independent Tour Manager for different companies , leading groups of travelers all over Chile , Argentina and some areas of Brazil.

But also I organize my own groups , mainly in my region , Puerto Montt , Puerto Varas and Chiloe Island , if you are interested to know this area in my company just send an e-mail and we can organize something fun “

Why my logo is a Fox? . About 10 years ago I began to travel with a mascot, a red-fox , at the beginnig was a joke but with the time , he became a real character and very recognize along the route . Nowadays everybody wants a picture with the famous #valentinofox



In a future I would love to have your brand here , send a request to be one of my partner. Outdoors clothing, hiking shoes, cameras, kanteens, etc.