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Alex,our guide, and now our friend, led our wonderful exploration of Patagonia. His knowledge of and respect for the area, coupled with his enthusiasm in sharing his love of nature made our experience extraordinary. Alex set the tone from the beginning, calling us his”familia,” and reminding us to be respectful of each other and the many cultural differences we would encounter —“not better; not worse; just different. He always went above and beyond the expected to make sure we had a great time! Thank you Alex. You are indeed, the best guide ever!
Billie Kinnaird Woodard, Through Facebook
In the first few minutes of meeting Alex, he set the positive tone for our amazing trip to Patagonia. He is knowledgeable, respectful, experienced and fun. Not only did he show respect for his fellow local tour guides and bus drivers, but he is also respected by those he works with. He was very professional and was quick to put plan B or C in place in a moments notice. He made the best use of time and weather to ensure the best experience possible. Thank You Alex for an unforgettable experience.
Cathy Fisher , Through Facebook
Alex (Alejandro) is flexible, affable, funny, reliable, energetic, totally committed to the group he is leading, shares much of his personal life to allow the group to also open up and make their interaction more open, … I can’t come close to listing his positives. What is most important is to say thank you for a great adventure with familia!!! Salud, Alex and have many more wonderful adventures!!
Richard Smolen , Through Facebook
Great passionate enthusiastic informative tour guide. Made our trip most memorable
Anne Novinsky Sobol, Through Facebook
O Alex é um dos guias turísticos oficiais da Região de Puerto Montt e Puerto Varas, conhce muito da região, trilhas e passeios… Ele me ajudou muito quando estive em Puerto Varas. Além de tudo ele fala português muito bem, é quase um pernambucano, hahahah!
Brincadeiras a parte, recomendo muito que façam os passeios turisticos com ele, pois as explicações no idioma ajudam! Além disso ele tem varias dicas de restaurantes simples e gostosos, que são indispensáveis a viagem!
Angelo Danese , Through Facebook
It is now a month out from a fascinating trip through Argentina and Chile. The enjoyment of our trip was greatly enhanced by Alex. Not only did he attend to the needs of our group but exhibited a love of the wonders of his country that he desired all of us to experience and enjoy. His enthusiasm bubble over and infected our group with the joy of travel and the experience of discovery. Travel is not just the object of seeing things but also of understanding the people of the country visited. Alex discussions of the history of Chile, the politics of Chile, his family and his upbringing all lending itself to a better understanding of the country. Alex made a wonderful trip better.
Paul Feldner, Through Facebook
Alex was our Trip Leader when we traveled to Patagonia. We have been on numerous guided tours over the years and Alex helped to make this trip one of the best we’ve ever experienced. His knowledge of the area and his willingness to go the extra mile to assure our enjoyment and safety was amazing. Moreover, Alex is warm and friendly always greeting us with a big smile. We only wish we could take him with us on our next tour